Review of a ceramic table’s assets

Ceramic tables are becoming increasingly popular. Their qualities have turned them into real showpieces in the kitchen and dining room.

What are the assets of a ceramic table? Here is a review that is bound to convince you.

Extraordinary resistance

• Resistance to shocks, cuts, and scratches: A ceramic table is ideal for daily and family use. It provides great comfort and the reassurance of being able to enjoy a piece of furniture made to last.

• Resistance to heat and cold: Table mats and coasters are superfluous on a ceramic table. You can put your plates directly on the table without having to worry about any damage due to the heat.

• Insensitivity to stains: A ceramic table is very easy to maintain.

Ceramic tables are easy to maintain

A ceramic table does not require restrictive maintenance. Wine, jam or grease stains are cleaned in a snap (with soap and water and a sponge or brush).

Domestic acids leave no trace either. Ceramic is not only an easy material to clean, it is also hygienic. Because it is taste and smell neutral, you can put food directly on your ceramic table.

A plethora of customisation options

Ceramic comes in a wide range of colours and sizes. It can be combined with all interior styles, in the dining room or kitchen, and meets the needs of each family.

The Oxford table, for example, can be used for all sorts of purposes and can accommodate up to 8 guests. It is also possible to slide chairs with armrests under the table, which means that you can have a wide range of choice of chairs or even armchairs!