Our tables

Designed for modern families

The table is more than a simple piece of furniture within your living space.

Much more than a simple piece of furniture, the dining room table is the central element of our living spaces. They are the place where we sit down to eat, do our homework, sort the mail or read a magazine.

We have designed design tables adapted to meet the needs of modern families: they are modular, thanks to the extenders, and have finishes that suit your lifestyle.

Wooden tables


Warm up your interior’s atmosphere with a wooden table. Opt for the raw and natural look of solid wood or the stability of plywood.

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Ceramic tables

Natural and refined

Resistant to heat and scratches, a ceramic table top also offers an exceptional and aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

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Fenix NTM tables

Innovative and aesthetically-pleasing

This ultra-innovative coating has unique properties and also offers an aesthetically-pleasing appearance and a silky feel.

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