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Our collections each have their own style and personality. Discover which one matches you best.

Our designers design new collections every year. After the careful first few steps, a concept finally takes shape as the brainstorming efforts progress.

A final product only features in our catalogue after the prototype developed by our workshops has been extensively tested. Did you know that Mobitec does not carry any stock? Each item of furniture is produced on demand according to your specifications.

Discover the collection that best matches your style!


The elegant

Create a consistent look in your furnishings with this collection of complementary seating.

Discover the world of Lena


The ceramic

A return to natural materials

Discover the world of Terra


The sophisticated

Change the backrest cushion’s position for customised comfort!

Discover the world of Cosy


The dreamer

Let your mind roam free!

Discover the world of Aura


The ultra-fine

Bring lightness into your interior with this table and its ultra-thin table top.

Discover the world of Float


The versatile

Our iconic collection of design chairs and tables to be matched according to your mood and style. Tens of thousands of possible combinations!

Discover the world of Moods


Raw beauty

Invite the forest into your home!

Discover the world of Goa


Ultimate simplicity

Make simplicity the height of sophistication.

Discover the world of Rob


The refined

The Margaux chair firmly asserts the right to a high-quality chair. The little additional design touch: its elegant metal strip.

Discover the world of Margaux


The final note

Create a great mood inside your home!

Discover the world of Bolero


The lunar

A table that stands out for its confidently curved and rounded lines.

Discover the world of Eclipse


The essential

The soul of your dining room.

Discover the world of Core

Soft Soda

The bubbly

A soft and comfortable side combined with a touch of impertinence and freshness, that is the delicious cocktail that makes up this bubbly collection.
Discover the world of Soft Soda


The ultra-versatile

Light and dynamic lines, available in all shapes sizes: from the small armchair to the bar stool, through the ottoman and coffee table.

Discover the world of Pamp


The prestigious

Oxford is not only the name of a university city; it is also a collection of Mobitec tables characterised by prestige and elegance.

Discover the world of Oxford


The lightweight

Sleek and functional, the Lindsay chair puts wood in the spotlight.

Discover the world of Lindsay


The aerial

Its table top seems to hang from a thread, but the Gravity’s stability is comparable to that of tables firmly anchored to the ground.

Discover the world of Gravity


The minimalist

Inspired by Scandi design, the Pure chair is a true return to the roots of design and will perfectly fit in with refined interiors.

Discover the world of Pure


The modular

The London table, with its optional integrated sliding extender, is the perfect ally for blended families and variably-sized tribes!

Discover the world of London

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