The sophisticated

A backrest that can be repositioned for customised comfort.

A tubular steel structure topped with a soft and comfortable seat: the Cosy seats add a new string to Mobitec’s bow.

The backrest cushion that can be removed and re-positioned opens the way for many different configurations. Rested against the metallic structure, it provides a shallower seat while revealing the backrest’s shape. As the cushion also has an opening, it can be placed over the metallic backrest to offer a larger seat and optimal back support resulting from its increased height.

The designer

Pierre Wegnez

Aesthetically-speaking, Cosy is clearly a nod to the outdoor furniture of the seventies which regularly featured stretched wires. What we are offering here is a de-structured and metallic interpretation of that. With this collection, we are also making it possible for everyone to choose their own level of comfort by changing the cushion’s position and the seat’s depth.