Our seating options

Aesthetically-pleasing, comfortable and strong

The Mobitec seats are suitable for all the rooms in the house.

From the dining room chair to the barstool to the armchair and the ottoman: we have designed seats to furnish your interior with style.

Beyond their aesthetics, our seats are designed to provide you with optimal comfort. From the legs to the structure of the chair, the foams and the covering, we opt for high-quality, strong and durable materials.


To your taste

Sober and refined or bursting with colour? Regardless of your interior’s style, we have the model of chair that is perfectly suited to its atmosphere.

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Moments of cocooning

When design meets comfort… We have designed a full range of armchairs. All that remains is for you to choose which one will join you in those moments of cocooning!

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Get some height!

Kitchens are becoming increasingly modular and can be fitted with a bar or raised kitchen top. Find the right seats to furnish this new space with style!

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Practical and modular

Lightweight and space-saving, our poufs that match our collections offer extra seating that comes in very useful when hosting guests at home.

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Refresh your chairs!

Some Mobitec seats are available with a removable cover or fixed removable cover: it can be removed to be cleaned or replaced.

Attached to the structure with a strip of Velcro, the fixed removable cover offers a «stretched upholstery” effect. The traditional removable cover is looser and gives the chair a more relaxed look.