Eastbelgium - Ostbelgien

East Belgium “Ostbelgien” is home to the European idea: shaped by its border location and the changeful history associated with it, it is the region of bridge builders and networkers. Multilingualism and cultural diversity are normal for East Belgians. Borders? Neither on the map nor in our minds! Our border location makes us not only inventive, but also tolerant and curious about our fellow human beings.



The great thing about “East Belgium” is its geographical location – we are ideally situated for sales across Europe. The multilingualism that our employees inherently bring with them is a gift. We also learn to understand other cultures early on. Our multicultural, multilingual and professional character makes us and East Belgium unique.

Founded in Eupen, our company has always been cosmopolitan, yet remains true to its roots. While the head office is in Eupen, our production facilities are in Poland – from where we deliver to more than ten European countries.

Working at Mobitec means working for a family business that has been established in the industry for 30 years. Our team consists of motivated employees from all age groups and with different skills/educations. We believe that every member of our team must feel comfortable and safe in order to work effectively. Therefore, we attach great importance to the working environment and atmosphere. We encourage contacts among staff to create connections and address individual needs. We care for the well-being of all links in the chain, whether customers, employees, partners or suppliers.

In everything we do, our five core values are central: continuity, respect, originality, family and trust.