The Mobitec booth at the heart of interior trends 2020

In a high-speed world, the home is becoming an oasis of serenity.

This is one of the strong trends of 2020: the home is becoming a refuge, an oasis of serenity in an increasingly fast-paced world. This desire to seek calm, this return to natural materials is also the common thread followed by Mobitec to develop its latest booth.

From the Brussels Furniture Fair to the IMM in Cologne, the Mobitec booth this year invited visitors to travel through the different worlds inspired by this trend.
Much like a moodboard, each space on show was a capsule of inspiration, based on a palette of natural colours, enhanced with carefully-selected objects, light fixtures and other decorative accessories.

Let yourself be inspired.

1. Asserted feminism



Combining pink, rust and red is a bold choice! This unlikely combination creates a striking effect. It displays both a feminine side (pink) and a strong side (red): like the women of today.

The luminaires bring a touch of poetry to the arrangement, and the velvet reinforces its soft side. The rust colour helps to prevent the combination of colours from becoming overwhelming.

Chairs: Aura C04 – velvet: Genova Rost – metal base: A21 (champagne)
MOOD#101 M04 – fabrics: Orlando Red / Genova Rose – metal base: A21 (champagne)

Table: Terra T0300 – 100×260cm – ceramic tabletop (K205) – metal base: A21 (champagne)

2. Berber inspiration



This arrangement blends both Berber influences and more luxurious notes. Leather chairs, black metal legs, and velvet armchairs are counterbalanced by a Berber rug, lantern-shaped suspended luminaires, vases and dried flowers.

The rust colours, very trendy this year, are perfectly in keeping with the overall composition.

Chairs:  Aura C01 – leather: Lomé Ebony – wooden base: E10 (oak) – metal decoration: A01 (black)
Aura C02 – leather: Lomé Ebony – wooden base: E10 (oak) – metal decoration: A01 (black)

Table: Core T0201 – 100×200/300 cm – wooden tabletop: E11 (oak) – metal base: A01 (black)

Bench: Bolero R11 – velvet: Genova Rost – metal base: A01 (black)

Pouf: Bolero R24 – fabric: Scala Orange

Side table: Pamp T0700 – 45x45cm – wooden tabletop: E11 (oak) – metal base: A01 (black)

3. Between heaven and earth



This composition is based around a combination of nature materials in warm, earthy colours: leather, a jute rug, a wicker basket, wood, etc. A hint of purplish blue, a cool colour, adds contrast and enhances the composition.

The result is an atmosphere evoking desert landscapes where golden sand dunes meet a pure blue sky.

Chairs:  Cosy C01 – fabric: Mango Cognac – metal base: A22 (taupe)
Cosy C02 – fabric: Mango Cognac – metal base: A22 (taupe)

Table: Goa T1000 – 100×260 cm – wooden tabletop: W11 (rustic oak) – metal base: A24 (taupe) – straight edge – closed knots

Seat: Pamp C02 – leather: Togo Walnut – metal base: A22 (taupe)

Stool: Pamp C04 – leather: Togo Walnut – metal base: A22 (taupe)

4. Ethnic atmosphere



The shades of rust, terracotta, jute, woven rattan and velvet come together to create a warm and elegant atmosphere.

This arrangement also plays on the repetition of circular shapes in the seats and the rugs.

Armchairs: Bolero R01 – velvet: Genova Rost – wooden base: E11 (oak)
Bolero R07 – fabric: Scala Orange – metal base: A01 (black)
Bolero R14 – fabric: Otello Beige

High-backed armchairs: Bolero R03 – fabric: Otello Beige – wooden base: E11 (oak)
Bolero R18 – velvet: Genova Rost

Poufs: Bolero R23 – fabric: Otello Rose
Bolero R24 – velvet: Genova Rost

Discover the whole collection of Bolero!

5. Chic and natural atmosphere



Opting for rich materials and colours gives a touch of chic to this composition: walnut, dark wood, shades of anthracite and black. A hint of green recalling the colour of nature enhances the whole.

Round plates on the walls add an ethnic touch to the composition.

Chairs:  Rob C02 – fabric: Berry Anthracite / Mango Anthracite – wooden base: N17 (walnut)
Rob C01 – fabric: Berry Anthracite – wooden base: N17 (walnut)

Table: Core T0100 – 100×260cm – wooden tabletop: N11 (walnut) – metal base: A01 (black)

6. Warmth and softness



This space is built around warm colours (beige, white, terracotta) and materials (wood, felt, hemp, fabric). A perfect combination for feeling comfortable at home!

Chairs: Lena C01 – fabric: Bogota Ivory – wooden base: E25 (oak)

Table: Goa T0701 – 100×200/300cm – wooden tabletop: W25 (rustic oak) – metal base: A01 (black) – straight edge – open knots

7. Naturally chic



This very aesthetically-pleasing table featuring a white ceramic tabletop could easily make the room in which it is placed seem cold. This is why we have given it some warmth using warm tones, cognac, oriental-inspired luminaires and natural materials.

Chairs: MOOD#95 M11 – leather: Togo Cognac – wooden base: E25 (oak)

Table: Terra T0601 – 100×200/300cm – ceramic tabletop: K401 – metal base: A15 (white)

8. Night-time atmosphere



Indigo meets black to create a serene night-time atmosphere. The colour blue, usually considered a cold colour, is warm and reassuring in this setting. This effect is created by combining it with natural and warm materials including wood, jute and rope.

Chairs: Lena C01 – fabric: Odessa Marine – wooden base: E10 (oak)

Table: Eclipse T0400 – 120×260cm – wooden tabletop: E10 (oak) metal base: A01 (black)

Poufs: Bolero R23 – fabric: Bogota Rose / Otello Beige
Bolero R24 – fabric: Genova Ecru / Otello Beige

9. Pure and poetic atmosphere



A monochrome of whites gives this room a very pure atmosphere, enhanced by a touch of taupe. The luminaires, evoking lanterns floating in the air, bring imbue the arrangement with a touch of poetry.

Chairs:  MOOD#95 M07 – fabric: Mango Sand / Biarritz Taupe – metal base: A22 (taupe)
MOOD#95 M13 – fabric: Mango Sand / Biarritz Taupe – metal base: A01 (black)

Table: Float T0501 – 100×200/300cm – wooden tabletop: E11 (oak) – metal base: A22 (taupe)



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