Let's meet Christian Weber, IT Business Analyst at Mobitec

Christian has been working behind the scenes at Mobitec for the past two years.

He ensures that all the cogs and wheels come together and resolves any problems they may encounter. His role places him resolutely in the wings, although it is vital for the proper performance of our services.

Christian Weber

Training: Computer Sciences degree from the FH Aachen

Favourite Mobitec models: Moods ’16 chairs and the London table

Started with Mobitec: January 2016

The role of the IT Business Analyst is one of those occupations that is still largely unfamiliar to the general public. So, what exactly does Christian do at Mobitec? It is difficult to sum up his duties in a few words as he has many and varied responsibilities. Resolving IT problems, automating processes, reporting and managing the ERP used by Mobitec, Christian never has what you would call a typical day.

A computer wizard

Thanks to Qlik Sense, a computer program that he introduced at Mobitec, Christian develops reporting tools enabling his colleagues to analyse data in a few clicks. Qlik Sense is now used by all of Mobitec’s departments and makes it possible to collect precious information for the development of our services.

Here is an example of a practical application: creating tables listing the quarterly sales statistics for a given model, fabric or colour. «The results of queries can be filtered, even by country or representative. This is very useful for the analyses conducted by the Marketing department, the Design department, and Management!”

Another tool that Christian developed on Qlik Sense: an interactive map displaying the turnover for each customer. This data is of particular interest to representatives and the management «as they show the cities in which we make the most sales and those in which there are more possibilities.” In a way, Christian is a computer wizard who transforms figures into visuals.

A solution for each need

Mobitec, like many other businesses, uses an ERP to manage its processes. This comprehensive IT solution makes it possible to define all the components to be produced or purchased for each order of a table or chair.

As the person responsible for the ERP, Christian is the first to analyse his colleagues’ needs and implement solutions to meet them, in consultation with the software’s supplier.

Being able to disconnect

When asked «Which project did you most enjoy working on?”, he told us that it was difficult to choose just one, but that he generally enjoys projects involving data analysis.

And when he is not in front of his computer screen, Christian likes to blow off steam by playing badminton, a sport into which he can sink all his energy. He also enjoys travel and discovering places. His favourite trip? A three-week tour of Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Angola. He also flew to Mauritius not too long ago. A great way of disconnecting for a while!