Greybox: architects from A to Z

The Greybox architectural firm has been supporting construction and renovation projects, from the first drafts up until the finishing touches, for the past 20 years. A comprehensive approach that guarantees real coherence between the building’s exterior envelope and its interior design.

Imagine a hotel whose external appearance evokes conviviality, warmth and nature: wooden cladding, bricks, large windows overlooking the surrounding countryside. You are already looking forward to warming up in front of the crackling fire in the fireplace. However, as soon as you cross the threshold, you are disappointed: the walls are white, the floor is covered with cold tiles, the atmosphere is austere.

As this fictitious example illustrates, consistency between the external perception of a building and its interior design is important. Ensuring that the inside matches the outside requires real know-how that the Greybox firm has successfully demonstrated in various projects where Mobitec furniture regularly finds its place.

The choice of versatility

Located in Pepinster, the Greybox architectural firm comprises 7 architects with varied profiles. When asked about the firm’s speciality, David Edelberg, one of the two partners, gives an interesting answer: “We don’t have one, because we touch on all areas! We handle both residential projects for individuals and large-scale real estate projects. We recently worked on office space, a shop, a holiday cottage, and others. These projects can involve new buildings or renovations.”

This multi-faceted approach is supported by a willingness to see projects through from start to finish. “Each project is assigned to one of the firm’s architects. They follow-up on the project from its inception to its completion. This enables us to have a memory and in-depth knowledge of each project,” explained David Edelberg.


Matching the inside with the outside

Anaïs Di Cienzo, an architect now specialised in interior design, worked on the MY HOTEL Malmedy project. For her, the interior design of a project is just as much a part of its success as the exterior architectural framework: “It is essential to ensure that the interior and exterior of the building are in harmony. In the case of the MY HOTEL, for example, the wooden elements on the inside match the cladding on the outside.”

Greybox uses 3D visualisation to validate the chosen direction with the client. “This enables us to have a guideline for the choice of finishes and furniture. Of course, the decisions made may change and be refined during the course of the project”, explained Anaïs Di Cienzo.

“Our role is a bit like that of an orchestra conductor,” added David Edelberg. “We talk to all the people involved in the project: carpenters, lighting designers and other technical people. These exchanges enable us to refine our choices.”


Choosing the right furniture

When defining the style of furniture that will best suit the project, Greybox takes into account the desired atmosphere, as well as the intended use of the premises. The furniture of a hotel or a holiday cottage does not have to meet the same criteria as that intended for a home or an office space. “For a restaurant, we will of course place a greater emphasis on the materials’ ease of maintenance and their durability over time,” explained David Edelberg.

Although aesthetics are crucial, they should not take precedence over comfort. “There is nothing more frustrating than sitting in a nice chair and quickly realising that you are not well seated,” he added. “In a restaurant, that will not make you want to come back again.”


Mobitec and Greybox

Mobitec tables and seats are regularly featured in Greybox projects: “Even if the price is sometimes a bit higher, we always try to use local companies whose products meet our requirements,” said David Edelberg. “The fact that we can take our customers to the showroom in Eupen to choose the appropriate coverings with them and the possibility of supplying a covering not included in the catalogue is certainly a plus”, added Anaïs Di Cienzo.

For example, Moods seats can be found in a holiday cottage in Arimont which opened in August. The Chocolaterie Darcis chocolate shop in Verviers was also designed by Greybox, and was the first project for which the firm chose to use Mobitec seats. Finally, the new offices and meeting rooms of the Unibox company also feature Mobitec products.

And this synergy is only just beginning: “We are currently fitting out a new meeting room that we want to be representative of our work. It will be furnished with a brand new Mobitec table!”, concluded David Edelberg.

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