Throwback to last year’s mission in Ibiza

Almost exactly one year ago to the day, three members of the Mobitec team, a photographer and his two assistants were flying off to sunny Ibiza.

Why, you ask? For a photo shoot with the new collections for 2020. Take a look back at this beautiful adventure!



It was at a time when one could still travel freely, without fear of a certain virus… That time seems so distant now and yet barely a year has gone by!

In the early autumn of 2019, the Mobitec Marketing Team was putting the finishing touches to the concept that would accompany the collections for 2020: a desire to return to a sense of authenticity, natural materials, a soothing interior as a haven of peace in an increasingly hectic outside world.

The presentation of the new collections has to reflect that atmosphere that would serve as the basis for the Mobitec trade fair stand…

Wanted: a house full of Mediterranean charm

The first step was to find the setting. Most of Mobitec’s photo shoots are done in houses rented for the purpose, located in Belgium or on the French border.

“For this collection, we had imagined a very rustic house in the countryside, with the typical charm of southern countries. Light colours, wood, old stones, sunshine,…”, explained Sarah Wattieau, Graphic Designer and Stylist at Mobitec.

For this type of requirement, Mobitec is in the habit of working with Zoé Desablens of “Les Maisons de Zoé”. Together with her colleague Florence Detimmerman, this location booker finds houses of all types for film shoots, photo shoots, documentaries, and more. She specialises in houses with a certain cachet, that little something that makes them unforgettable.

It is in the international catalogue that Sarah and Joana Sarlette, from the Marketing department, found what they were looking for. “We found two houses in Ibiza: the Esprit White House, which is more modern, and the Esprit Anne which we ultimately selected as the future location of our photo shoot. It is a property with the rustic charm of old homes, with lovely indirect lighting in some of the rooms”, explained Joana.

Preparation and selection of the products

Once the house had been chosen and the dates booked, it was time to make the arrangements! Looking at the configuration of the premises, the first thing to do was to imagine the various shots to be taken and decide which products to take along. Then come the decorative elements, the accessories, and more.

The photographic team is obviously involved in this preparation phase. “Since Mobitec’s beginnings, we have been working with the same team: Xact Production, led by photographer Christian Charlier. The advantage of this long-term collaboration is that we have got to know each other well. Christian knows what we are looking for and is always able to showcase our products in the way that we would like”, explained Sarah.

Logistical challenges

“Our colleagues in Logistics were responsible for organising the transport of all the equipment to the site”, said Joana. “This meant the furniture, as well as the decorative elements, the photo equipment, and more”. Not an easy task, particularly when the house is located in the countryside as was the case here!

“Transport by truck had to be organised, with a ferry crossing from Valencia on the outward journey and to Barcelona on the return journey”, said Joana.

In the end, the photo shoot lasted for 3 days. As the house contained several bedrooms, the team was able to spend the night there and take pictures very early in the morning when the light was at its most beautiful.

The result? The pictures speak for themselves, don’t you think?