Let's meet Julien Hermanns, Logistics Assistant at Mobitec

Julien’s mission?

To ensure that orders of Mobitec tables and chairs for export arrive on time and at the right destination, regardless of their size and country of destination…

Julien Hermanns

Education: Bachelor’s degree in foreign trade at Sainte-Marie (Liège)

Joined Mobitec: 2015

Age: 27

Mother tongue: German

Favourite Mobitec seat: the Mood#91 and Mood#95 chairs

Favourite Mobitec table: the Goa table

Hobbies: tennis and football

How is logistics organised at Mobitec?

The logistics department consists of 8 people: 7 employees, including myself, and our manager Inge.

To sum up, our mission is to ensure the planning of orders and their delivery to our customers. To do this, we obviously work closely with the production teams based in our three workshops in Poland.

You should know that Mobitec manufactures about 5,000 chairs and 300 tables per week! The challenge we face is to plan properly so as not to overload the production teams and to ensure the best quality, while delivering the order to our customers on time.

What is your main mission within the department?

I work with our workshops to plan the production of tables and chairs for export to countries to which we do not usually deliver, such as Italy, for example. Another one of my tasks involves coordinating the transport of very large orders or, again, transport to countries to which we do not usually deliver.

These are usually orders for hotels and restaurants. They require special transport to be booked and are usually subject to strict deadlines.

For example, I recently handled an order for the Südstrand wellness resort on the island of Föhr in the Wadden Sea. In total, we delivered almost 600 chairs for a total volume of 214m³. When handling an order of this magnitude, it is always a pleasure to see pictures of the final result and to know that the customer is satisfied!

Mobitec is your first employer.
How did you arrive in the company?

I started at Mobitec directly after finishing my studies. I was looking for a job in Eupen and I came across the Mobitec website. They were looking for a logistics assistant with my qualifications. I applied straight away. At that time, I was not familiar with the company.

What made you want this job?

First of all, I found the Mobitec concept particularly interesting. Being able to customize each table and chair to create a product that really suits you and meets your criteria is very exciting. I immediately identified with the concept and the company.

5 years later, you are still with the company. What do you enjoy about your work?

The diversity! No week is like the other, no order is like the other, every day brings new challenges.

Many young people change jobs after 2 or 3 years. For my part, the question has not arisen so far: I like working at Mobitec, I like the company’s philosophy and its products.

And the atmosphere at Mobitec is really great!

Can you tell us more about that?

At Mobitec, we are really spoiled when it comes to infrastructure. In addition to a ping-pong table, we also have a petanque court, table football, a games room and a dartboard.

All these amenities enable us to share relaxed moments with colleagues during the lunch break for example.

On Fridays, we get together for a drink to end the week. It is an opportunity to relax and discuss anything and everything, including topics not directly related to work.

What do you do outside of work?

Right now, I’m about to move into my first apartment. It’s an attic apartment with a lot of charm! It was recently renovated, so I do not have to do any work. On the other hand, since I am leaving my room at my parents’ house, I have to go out and buy everything I need.

It’s convenient to be working in the furniture business in those circumstances…

Indeed! In fact, I chose my favourite Mobitec furniture to furnish the space.

I opted for a Goa table and Mood#91 and Mood#95 chairs with wooden legs. I like the Scandinavian style with a rather light and sleek yet cosy décor. My apartment has old wooden beams painted in white, which fits the style perfectly, so I opted for light-coloured chairs with the Bogota Ivory covering.

I am looking forward to enjoying them all!