Fenix table Mood#T8

Ref: MOOD T8 T0200

Tradition and modernity

 A feat of modern technology with a classical twist.

Thanks to its Fenix-coated table top, this dining room table combines a relatively classic design with an ultra-modern material. 

First developed by an Italian company, Fenix NTM is an innovative coating material with a host of beneficial properties: it's aesthetically pleasing, hygienic, and scratch- and fingerprint-resistant. It's also noticeably soft to the touch and available in different colors.

For this table, you can choose between 8 different sizes: ranging from 90x140 cm up to 100x260 cm.  

3 excellent reasons to choose this table

  • Fenix-coated table top
  • Solid wood table base 
  • Available in 8 sizes 
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