Fenix table MOOD#T1

Ref: MOOD T1 T0700

Perfect harmony

Combining Fenix NTM with a metallic base for an impeccable aesthetic result. 

Perfect for modern interiors, this table can be used for pretty much anything: as a dining room table, a meeting room table, a desk,....

The metallic table base can be customized in different colors. The same goes for this model's Fenix NTM-coated table top, which is also available in various tints. Fenix NTM is an innovative coating material that was first developed by an Italian company. It offers a variety of benefits: it's soft to the touch, hygienic, and scratch- and fingerprint-resistant - to name only a few. 

This table is available in different sizes so that we can adapt it to the needs of every room! 

3 excellent reasons to choose this table

  • Different table base colors available
  • Highly durable Fenix-coated table top
  • Available in different sizes 
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