The refined

A design chair combining elegance and seating comfort.

The Margaux collection of chairs is synonymous with comfort: with exceptional seating quality and refined aesthetics, it brings a cosy touch to your interior.

The Margaux chairs are customisable from the feet to the armrests. You can even select the colour of the metal stripon the front of the backrest. Opt for a bi-material or two-tone covering to add a trendy touch to your chair.

The designer

Dominique Amodei

For the Margaux collection of chairs, we wanted to emphasise comfort, a “cosy” side which was reflected even in its aesthetics. This is the reason for the metal strip that pulls on the covering, creating slight folds. We also designed the armrests to be perpendicular to the seat. This provides more room at the table while leaving enough space to be seated comfortably.